DNA Bioservices

Who are we?


“Family is the link to our past and the bridge to our future”

Welcome to DNA Bioservices, proudly an Australian owned and operated DNA testing company since 2005 and who is in partnership with DDC (DNA Diagnostics Centre), the largest and most highly accredited laboratory in the world.

DDC is recognised through a number of accreditations nationally and internationally including the Australian accreditation governed by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities Accreditation Number 19334) and is the ONLY laboratory achieving PERFECT ratings worldwide in it’s past 19 inspections. Each inspection is conducted on a yearly basis.

DNA Bioservices regularly provides their services to law firms, the Department for Child Protection, Legal Aid and the Immigration Department.

DNA Bioservices offers a choice of relationship tests for clients who may be seeking peace of mind and in some cases closure to a situation that often causes emotional upset and unrest for all concerned.

We are a customer driven organisation and we aim to provide the highest bespoke level of customer care throughout the process from ordering your free DNA collection kit to receiving your results.

We understand this can be a life changing report so provide an aftercare network of professional organisations who can give support and guidance to all members of the family should they require guidance and support.

DDC conducts over half a million tests per year and accepts more than 800,000 consumer calls annually.

Unlike our competitors who normally provide the standard 15 to 16 genetic markers for their paternity testing, DDC will analyse a minimum of 20 genetic markers with accuracy above 99.9999%.

DNA Bioservices is the only DNA testing company in Australia with a 24-helpline and offers you a reliable, affordable and confidential service.

Your DNA collection kit can be delivered or collected in person from one of our National distubution centres across Australia or by calling us direct. This gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself to us as a prospective client, to answer any enquiries beforehand and for our team to be prepared for your samples when they are returned for analysis.

Many of our competitors expect payment immediately before sending their kit to their customers but we continue to offer a DNA collection kits at our distrubution centres enabling clients (under no obligation) to decide in their own time when they would like to proceed with their test.

The kit is promptly sent on the day of ordering and we encourage customers to call us with any concerns before making payment.

Please Order your DNA Collection Kit or call 1300 768 428 at any time

Legal paternity test at the lowest cost in Australia