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Ancestry: Test


Ancestry: Test

Our DNA Origins® test can determine a person’s bio-geographic ancestry. If you are interested in researching your family history, or you simply want to learn more your background, this test can provide you with a clear understanding of your genetic ancestry and provide a platform into further research about your likely ancestors.

What to expect with your results?

DNA Bioservices can provide you with your ancestral breakdown of the four founding populations: European, Indigenous American, Sub-Saharan African, and East Asian. It’s significant to bear in mind that these “founding populations” refer to a group of people with combined ancestry that live in certain geopolitical areas with “blurred boundaries.”

In “defining your racial background,” the DNA Origins test also delivers a statistical approximation of an individual’s BioGeographical Ancestry (BGA). BGA is a way of stating the proportional ancestry of a person that is independent of the various socially stated “races.” Race is frequently reported by social or political conventions (there is no biological definition of “race”), biogeographical ancestry describes populations that share comparable DNA markers because of a mixed ancestry, which could cross a number of geographical areas.

How do I order an Ancestry Test?

  1. Order your DNA Collection Kit from our secure order page
  2. Take your samples in the privacy of your home
  3. Place samples in supplied swab envelopes
  4. Complete your application form
  5. Return completed kit in the reply paid envelope
  6. Testing takes 15 business days
  7. Report sent via email

How to purchase this product

You can purchase this product by clicking the above link. Alternatively you can order this product over the phone via 1300 768 428 or filling out our contact form. You can also contact us direct via our email address.

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