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Pre Natal Non-Invasive Paternity Test


Pre Natal Non-Invasive Paternity Test

DNA Bioservices offers alleged Fathers and expectant Mothers the opportunity to determine paternity BEFORE the child is born.  

Our pre natal non-invasive paternity test incorporates revolutionary technology that we think will change the scope of paternity testing in the future. Many of our Australian competitors can only collect samples through an amniocentesis or CVS test. This is invasive and can impose a potential risk of miscarriage on the unborn child.

The Non Invasive Pre Natal Paternity test enables the alleged Father to provide mouth swab samples and the expectant mother to simply provide a small blood sample (20mls) at a local pathology centre. Once the laboratory receives these samples, the analysis process will take 3 business days.


  • PEACE of MIND for all concerned
  • 317,000 genetic markers will be analysed
  • Above 99.99% accuracy. The same accuracy and reliability as a post natal paternity test
  • NO risk to the unborn child
  • Safe, convenient and reliable
  • Can be ordered anonymously without the need for a referral from your Doctor
  • Samples can be taken from 7 weeks gestation
  • Turnaround time for testing just three business days

When is the Pre Natal Non-Invasive Paternity Test NOT appropriate?

  • Less than 7 weeks gestation
  • Received IVF treatment
  • When the alleged Fathers are related
  • Expecting more than one child

DNA Bioservices are DDC Australian Corporate Partners, facilitating this service for all Australian customers.
We understand that this is a life changing report for all concerned. You may have already discovered that there are other companies online advertising cheap non-invasive prenatal paternity tests. Beware of these claims, and ask to see the actual published research supporting these tests. If a company is offering a free post-birth test, this means they don’t stand behind the quality of their prenatal test. NIPP testing with DDC involves the most advanced scientific methods and DNA high-sequencing instruments. DDC is one of the most trusted laboratories in the world, capable of delivering quality results to our most important client—YOU.

Link to published study DNA Isolated from Maternal Plasma

For Prenatal Test information please Call: 1300 768 428 to speak to one of our experienced consultants

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You can purchase this product by clicking the above link. Alternatively you can order this product over the phone via 1300 768 428 or filling out our contact form. You can also contact us direct via our email address.


Pre Natal Test

Whilst this process can be highly emotional time, DNA Bioservices helps you navigate the unknown with respect and kindness. For those looking to employ their services for a pre-natal paternity test, I imagine it's not something you ever expect to experience - so having a friendly voice always ready to listen, provide intelligent answers and explanations with no judgement is invaluable. Not to mention the quick turnaround time and transparent communication every step of the way. Thank you again. 

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