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DNA Bioservices is the only DNA Testing Company in AUSTRALIA to offer a 24 hour DNA helpline.

DNA Bioservices will better ANY* price quoted by any NATA Accredited Laboratory, with no compromise to our quality of service and testing processes.

  1. Unrivaled customer service, offering a superior level of communication and support
  2. Comprehensive DNA reports from the highest accredited laboratory in the World
  3. Achieved a FIVE STAR customer satisfaction rating
  4. Faultless record for life of laboratory

* Excludes Pre Natal NON invasive tests

Welcome to DNA Bioservices - DNA Testing Services

We are the only DNA Testing Company in AUSTRALIA to offer a 24-hour helpline with complete professionalism thus making DNA Bioservices Australia's first choice for DNA testing services. We offer a wide range of services from family history, genetic disorder testing, health risk assessment, distant relative testing, grandparents DNA tests,  twin zygosity DNA tests and non-invasive sample collection prenatal tests to name a few. We can provide you with your personal DNA genetic information or legally recognised DNA paternity testing.

  • We use a NATA Accredited DNA testing Laboratory
  • NATIONAL coverage with a LOCAL presence

We also offer court approved legal DNA testing and genetic DNA tests in Australia requiring legal documentation for Child support issues. All our tests are analysed following strict guidelines imposed by The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and the Family Law Act Regulations in regards to alleged fathers or any other child support issues. 

What is a DNA Test For?

DNA kits can be used for a large array of purposes from finding out your ideal weight, perfect skincare resume, genetic tests for health risks like coeliac diseases, relationship tests or maternal lineage (finding out if your siblings are from the same biological mother) to name a few, the purposes for DNA testing are endless, from legal aid to health and medical research. 

What is a DNA Test and How it is Done?

DNA short for Deoxyribonucleic Acid and it is the genetic makeup of all living things on this planet. It is the code so to speak that makes you up. By testing this code we can find endless information about your body/ancestry and genetics. DNA testing can be done using a number of ways, depending on the purpose like prenatal tests or genetic tests. One of the most common is called a buccal smear where a brush of sorts is used to collect cells from the inside of your cheek. DNA can also be extracted from blood, skin cells, hair or anionic fluid during pregnancy to name a few.

How Accurate is The Ancestry DNA Test?

Overall, ancestry DNA testing is 99% accurate for each marker tested while using current technology. These DNA markers are physical locations on the DNA that can indicate a number of things depending on the test being performed which is one of the reasons home paternity test kits can't be accredited. During these tests, up to 68 markers can be tested depending on what DNA test is being performed.

Covid-19 Crises Update

As the COVID-19 crises continues, we have been working through how we can best communicate and update you during this challenging time. Our greatest priority is the health and safety of all of our team members, you, our valued customers and the wider community.

At this time:

  • The DNA laboratory is accepting all samples of all tests, including test kits.
  • Pathology centres, nationally, are still permitted to collect DNA samples from our clients, but some providers are closing the smaller centres.
  • Most Justice of the Peace signing sites across Australia will be closed until further notice to preserve the safety of the community and the volunteer JP’s and Cdecs.
  • If you plan on visiting a signing site, please contact the site directly to check if a volunteer will be on duty. Volunteers can be contacted via the Attorney General website in your state; however, they also have the right to refuse their services.
  • You may need to approach a Family Law firm to assist you. Notary Publics are available in each state and will charge a small fee for their services.
  • Prisons have ceased official visits at this time.
  • Home visits are restricted and pending State policies. 
  • Dept Home Affairs - currently the following overseas offices have cancelled all appointments. Islamabad, Elsalvador, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Senegal.

As guided by the WHO: Stay home if you feel unwell. If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical attention and call in advance. Follow the directions of your local health authority. 

We will update our site as soon as we receive any notifications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our services or previous DNA test results.



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DNA tests delivered to your door or collected from one of our 5 distribution centres around Australia.

Adelaide, South Australia Sydney, New South Wales Perth, Western Australia Melbourne, Victoria

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Accurate results with our unique Dual Process™ this ensures error-free testing. All samples received are divided into two for independent testing by separate technical teams.

The Dual Process™ eliminates common laboratory mistakes and assures clients of accurate, reliable results.


Government Departments, legal professionals, and the media recognise DNA Bioservices as the best Australian Company for their legendary customer focus, provided by some of most knowledgeable, and caring staff.

DNA Bioservices is the most referred and trusted Australian DNA company by those who care about quality and reliability in the medical and legal field.


DNA Bioservices work with a passion for excellence. We offer a bespoke service to our clients and we provide them with a 24 hour service helpline.

We are recognised for our customer care and thoughtful attitude. Please take your time to read just some of the many testimonials received from our satisfied customers, which we have received over the years.

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